Earth Science Closet

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Earth Science Closet

By: ericsilb

Science is a materials rich content area and this is particularly true of Earth Science. My current classroom serves two subject areas: 7th Grade Science and Earth Science. The earth science students often feel like visitors to the space. I wanted to give them an area dedicated just to them, in service of connecting them to community space and providing ample storage. The concept is simply the "Earth Science Closet." All materials pertaining to Earth Science can be found in this space, students know they are able to access it at any moment. There are visual cues on the door delineating it as the ES closet. In terms of impact, use of materials is way up. I allow students to keep their binders in the closet and I have noticed that they have a much easier time referencing earlier material and studying (for the Regents Exam in June).

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