Welcome Warrior Tribe!

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Welcome Warrior Tribe!

By: ccopenhaver

Hodge Podge...Merriam Webster defines as "a confused mixture." Imagine entering in the first few steps of our middle school into a "confused mixture." Your eyes are dazzled and trying to focus on something that connects you to that warm fuzzy fireplace "Welcome Home" feeling. All you take in is the walls covered in wood flooring blanks, a little bit of mid century (1960s) chairs covered in the 1980s mauve tweed! Wait, didn't you say "Welcome Warriors"? Of course, there is a large Dream Catcher hung upon the wall oddly out of place. Then, be careful when you are asked to be seated in those funky chairs not only do they tip forward easily (dumping you out) but they are sat upon a garage sale rug on slick tile flooring! Yep, you guessed it...skating quickly catches your attention...but don't think grabbing for those lovely tipsy chairs to help you out! Beware of the square (yes square) laminate brown coffee table about six inches off the ground as you tip toe about/around the slippery rug. This is the foyer in the administration office where students first arrive as brand new members of the Warrior Tribe along with their parents of course! I can remember coming as a prospective teacher candidate and just giggling to myself about the decor and atmosphere of a "hodge-podge" of furniture, window and wall coverings, as well as the tawny brown clay paint...can you say a little cave like. I just returned to that same place for a parent conference and to say the least, I was wondering if they notice all the "hokey" decor and I quickly shared be careful for the rug and yes, these chairs tend to tip you out if you move forward. Wouldn't be refreshing to have a welcome area for visitors and home boys to feel joy and safety? So, how can the "Hack Your Classroom" partner with us to create a new Native State (Oklahoma motto) Warrior Tribe foyer with a little bit Farm House Chic intertwined with Southwestern Plains Indians art? Easy...check out our before and concept ideas.. 1st: Whitewash those wood floor blanks to create a focus wall 2nd: Fresh Splash of Paint in hues/tints of grays with accents of blue/green calming cool waters 3rd: Seating benches along the walls 4th Southwestern Flair Area Round Rug 5th: Chalk Paint that Square table and move into a corner 6th: Farmhouse Chairs chalk painted in grey, dark green, (okay...a little mauve!) 7th: Shutters for window coverings whitewashed with antique glazing 8th: Navajo Pattern Pillow/Art 9th: Table & Floor Lamps 10: Classic Farm House Chic Chalkboard with School House quotes How can we achieve this Hack for the gift being offered? Patrons...students & families...Art Club, Family & Consumer Science Club, National Honor Society, Science Olympiad Team to name a few interested parties! Our urban high poverty families need a safe and joyful place to gather as Warriors in our Tribe. Parents who are visiting to bring a lunch, or the ever popular meeting in the Principals Office...deserve the hope and dream of entrusting their child to us to educate and create a safe home away from home. This can begin with their first step into a "Gathering Place-Welcome Warrior Tribe!" With sincere thankfulness to room2learn.org, Warrior Tribe of Western Oaks Middle School

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