3rd Grade Reading

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3rd Grade Reading

By: Moonjen

I teach 3rd grading reading at Selah Intermediate School. I have a passion for reading and seek to cultivate that passion in my current and future students. I believe that reading is one of the most impactful subjects in school. It needs to be a fun experience that both the students and teachers enjoy. Students can strongly benefit from independent reading time. During this time, they are finding the intrinsic desire to pick up a book of their own choosing and enjoy it. However, sitting at a desk in a student chair is not the most ideal for getting comfortable and enjoying literature. A variety of chairs will allow my students an alternate place to sit and enjoy their books. These chairs allow for movement by the student to keep them engaged and interested in their learning. Last year I purchased four Bunjo chairs that the students would alternate through to help with their motivation. These were such a success that I decided to try some stability balls that they would be able to sit on instead of the traditional student chairs. I again found great success in the engagement of the students, therefore I started looking at even more options! I found stability discs that would actually sit on a traditional chair but allow the child to move around a bit. I am also interested in purchasing bean bag chairs for sitting around the room. My goal is to have enough variety to allow every child an alternate seating choice if they choose. Thank you for being open minded in the designs of new classrooms!

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