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Cabin 21

By: kirwin

My classroom is in a new portable on the far end of our school campus. We decided to call our portable The Island. My room is Cabin 21. I use leveled lighting and seating such as exercise balls, floor cushions, regular chairs, stools at the counter, chairs flipped over into recliners with cushions on back, standing desks, area rug, counters, regular desks, hide and learn space under counters or near filing cabinets. I used wood plank looking paper to cover the walls. Students have access to extended learning task in crates on the floor rug. I also used wooden crates and old utility wire spools for my book shelves. Many of my students come from stressful situations and we start our day on the rug in Big Family Oval time. We talk about our morning, if everyone ate and what the days plan is before we do a 3 minute breathing focus time. Having a pleasant and calming room has helped my students stay focused. Having varied learning spaces to accommodate individual needs has helped my kiddos stay on task and self-manage!

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