Smart Seat Choices plus Responsibility equals SUCCESSFUL LEARNERS

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Smart Seat Choices plus Responsibility equals SUCCESSFUL LEARNERS


This year, I redesigned my classroom to provide student choice throughout the day. I removed all student desks and traditional school chairs and replaced them with tables varying in size, shape and height. The students also have multiple options for seating including: stools, folding chairs, crate seats, beanbag chairs, scoop rockers, cushions, pillows, saucer chairs, yoga stability balls and a bench. The classroom has a variety of lighting: floor lamps, table lamps, globe lights, lanterns, small marquee signs and a light box, to create a calm and inviting ambiance. The learners in my class look forward to being at school. They love taking ownership for their learning and having the ability to personalize their own experience each day. Not only has the new classroom arrangement promoted teamwork and collaboration, but it has also helped all kids be more productive and thrive academically.

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