Golden Vikings 6th Grade Math

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Golden Vikings 6th Grade Math

By: blasorsa

My classroom was just an ordinary classroom with students sitting at tables. I decorated with math posters, inspirational posters, but realized that I was really the only one looking at it. I started my year with a Classroom Design Project where students designed their ideal room for learning. They worked in small groups to design it and included why the elements would help them. Then we voted on the best design aspects. Whiteboard painted desks, high top tables, seating on the floor, lap desks are all ideas that have become reality in my class so far this year. We have a long way to go though. We would like the whole back room painted with whiteboard paint, more seating options and it would be great if we had some design advice! I believe as a teacher that it will only be when we allow creativity, inspiration, and student voice and choice into a math classroom that we will reach ALL students!

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