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Mrs. Hopkins Math Portable

By: shopkins

I've tried my best to create an organized classroom with hacks to help a teacher maximize instructional time and help kids answer their own questions regarding classroom procedures. Although the space is limited, I have implemented hacks to deal with some problems that I wanted to solve involving: tardies, passing out papers, dealing with absences, working in groups, organizing based on content, borrowing school supplies, the need for a designated teacher work space, upfront seating, group names and seat numbers, etc. My students know what to expect since I familiarize them with each area of my classroom within the first few days of school. The tools and ideas I used to arrive to my solutions include: pre-made tardy slips that kids with unexcused tardies must fill out so I can keep record of them and sort outside of instructional time, "assignment masters" who pass out papers to the students in their table group and set aside papers for their absent team members, classroom calendar that displays each day's class work and homework for absent students, pre-designated team tasks so that students know their role while working in groups, utilizing built in shelving to organize my classroom activities based on content, making extra school supplies available for my students to borrow, situating tables to create a teacher work space where I film lessons and post them on my class Youtube channel for any absent kids or kids who need a lesson refresher, designating front seating for students who need to focus or have trouble seeing from their assigned seat, group names relating to math terminology so that I can call on table groups, requesting from my school administrators to have individual student desks (vs large tables) for flexible grouping and I assign a student number to each student which corresponds with their seat number and calculator number and this also helps me randomly call on kids, even in the first days of school when I don't know each student's name yet. Having these hacks in place helps keep myself and my students organized. My students also know these class routines and areas well and this helps them become more self sufficient. I am also able to maximize instructional time because students know exactly what to do when facing certain situations. Here are some examples, if a student is tardy, I do not have to take class time to handle it- the students just fills out a tardy form and places it on my desk. If a student was absent, then he/she can check the class calendar to see what he/she missed. Also, the absent student's "assignment master" sets aside his/her work and it will be passed back to the student when they return. The absent student can also view my class Youtube channel to view the day's lesson. Another example is if I am teaching a unit on Solving Equations, I know that I have a box designated for activities associated with this topic that I can pull resources from.

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