Book Organization and Comfy Seats :)

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Book Organization and Comfy Seats :)

By: amccann11

Problem: In my 1st grade classroom I have hundreds and hundreds of books! However, finding the space to organize them all can be very difficult! My district provides me with 5 bookshelves, however, that does not fit half of my book supply! I started buying the cheap bookshelves from Walmart that you assemble yourself but they turned out to be A LOT of work and basically fell apart after a year. Solution: While at Walmart one day, I saw utility shelves in the storage section and thought to myself that those would make pretty good bookshelves. I could get 2 bookshelves per utility shelf, there is no assembly required and they will not fall apart! Therefore, I have purchased at least 3 utility shelves and have created 6 bookshelves out of them to display book baskets filled with books! Other colleagues liked the idea and have began doing the same thing since it is an affordable option. Impact on Student Learning: 1st grade is a big year for learning how to read. It is important that I have a classroom library filled with a variety of books of differing levels, genres and topics. Students become better readers when they fall in love with reading and I help foster this by giving students choice in what books they read; helping them discover different interests, authors, topics and series. However, without proper shelving and storage, many teachers don't have the space for this many books. By using utility shelves as my "hack", students have endless choices of literature and can ultimately choose new books every week! The shelving provides organization and durability that will last many years to come! Lastly, I have many spaces in my classroom for students to enjoy their reading! Unlike a traditional setting, my students don't read their books at the table. They choose from many different "comfy" spots in the room to read. I have purchased many types of furniture with my own money because I know when I read, I like to be snuggled on a couch or lounging in a chair; kids deserve that luxury as well! Enjoy looking at the pictures from my classroom and thank you for considering my hack! #EDUhack2017

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