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By: Rosan Bosch

Rosan Bosch has developed a forward-looking design solution for the Danish free school, Bornholms Efterskole, which supports the use of digital media and project-based teaching. "As a school teacher it is very privileged to have a film studio, a sound studio and a cinema available in the teaching process. The students have also welcomed the new design and use the multimedia facilities almost all the time. If they were allowed to, they would definitely use them day and night. That’s for sure!" Quote: Teacher at Bornholms Efterskole Bornholms Efterskole has in recent years set new standards for digital and project-based education. Each student receives a MacBook at the beginning of the school year, and all teaching is digitally based. The schools new design supports this focus on digital media and erases the boundaries between formal and informal learning situations. The area called "The White House" is optimized for group- and project based work with the focus on audio-visual productions. Differentiated learning environments set the stage for ideas and new initiatives, while other area leave space for contemplation and reflection. In The White House a soft cinema cave has flooring, seating steps, walls and ceiling covered by a red carpet and is built into a larger "dialogue room". This room has an organic, yellow conference table in the middle, and is special designed to support differentiated work situations such as independent research by laptops or discussions across the table. The dialogue room is connected to the "cabin" - a special designed niche for quiet reading or reflection. The White House also contains a Film Lab with a "green screen", which is ideal for working with stop-motion films and other films and video recordings. And for the sound interested students, a room called "the sound bobble" is specially designed for working with audio recording and playback. With its new design, Bornholms Efterskole now has the ideal environment to continue the position as a pioneer of digital and project based education, which will enhance the students with the optimal skills for managing the challenges of today and the future

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