Welcome back to school! We know many of you have spent tons of time rethinking, redesigning, and revamping your classroom space over the summer. Now we get to celebrate you!

Here’s your chance to showcase your creative classroom design to the world and ensure the space works for your students. Plus, win $200 for your class to keep hacking!

How it works
  1. Submit your classroom design. Register and create a room with up to 20 pictures and videos.
  2. Write in a short description (200-300 words) about your design intent, hacking process, and learning impact.
  3. Tag your room with the “Back2School” tag and any other relevant tags.
  4. Hit submit.
  5. Share it with your students, colleagues and friends have them Like it!

Five (5) innovative edu-hackers will be chosen based on the number of Likes and the following judging criteria:

  1. Design Intent: What problem are you trying to solve?
  2. Hacking Process: How did you include students and/or other teachers in your process?
  3. Learning Impact: How did this change the learning experience in your classroom?
Need some inspiration?
Check out the submissions so far and the winners from the last round of #HackYourClassroom.
Judging Panel
Steve Kwok
Aaron Jobson
Christopher Gibbs
Jason Lembke

Submit your hacks by October 31, 2017 for a chance to win $200 for your classroom.

Ready, Set, Hack!